How it all started ♡

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When I first imagined I could run my own jewellery site I was excited at the thought of making something out of the degree I studied. I had a passion for gemstones and making all sorts out of copper and silver. I started out with an Instagram account with zero followers and 10 rings. It's fair to say it was a very slow start and is still very much a work in progress. Instagram was different back when I start the feed was chronological and easier to get noticed and was the perfect marketing tool for me at the time. To start with i got my  a new laptop (my old used to take 20 min to start up 😤) and a new jewellery bench out of the inheritance my grandma had kindly left me and TigerMarket was born. I'd decided on the name be i give a monthly amount to the WWF to adopt a Tiger ♡

From the start I wanted more rings on the site because i know how popular they are but it's clear to see I've gone on to handmake make and stock via wholesale more chokers and necklaces then rings. Mainly because i enjoy making choker more then any other jewellery. I currently learning CAD jewellery design, my aim is to have 100% my own designs on the site. 75% CAD destined 25% complete handmade. I draw the designs and make them up one by one. 

I'm going to started a YouTube video tutoral channel for some designs in near future and I'll post blog post for new stock. ♡

Thank you for supporting my little business 

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